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End the Need for Government Approval

I can’t tell if they’re chewing each other out or about to make out, but it doesn’t matter. I’m not in the picture, it’s not my lifestyle to judge.

Gay marriage is a beautiful example as to why government approval is a bad thing, though it is but one of countless decisions we hope the government will recognize every day, looking for its holy approval.

He who controls our money controls our morality, and so long as we put so much of our money into the hands of the government, we will continue to struggle with its approval. The problem is, the government can offer its approval in only one direction, and regardless of that direction and however noble it seems, in a land full of 400,000,000 residents, one direction is not good enough.

Gay marriage is today’s hot button topic, so let’s look at it. The Christian Right and other conservative groups, including other faiths and even certain homosexual groups, demand that marriage remain only between a man and a woman, believing that male and female are the formation of holy union and that the government should only recognize it. Mainstream gay rights groups and other civil liberty organizations are banging down the door of discrimination and demanding the government recognize that homosexuals may marry.

But why are we demanding the government provide approval for either?

For gay marriage, I would advocate that the government cease to recognize marriage of any kind. Let’s boil down how government actually treats marriage, regardless of whether you like men or women: it’s a contract. It’s a legal state of being that allows two individuals to voluntarily share assets, deficits and other legal rights. It’s a civil union. Not a civil MARITAL union, but an unbiased union.

For example, imagine two non-marital family members lived together and wanted to share assets? Perhaps two old straight women shared a house and wanting to ensure the other had rights to property and visitation and benefit and decisions for the other. How about a widower father and his unmarried daughter? Or it’s simply a business arrangement?

Let the benefits of government remain unbiased to faith, culture or the like. The government is nothing but law, and should be treated as nothing more. Why ask its approval for gay or straight marriage? Isn’t that a decision for whatever god you worship? The government, itself, need not be connected to the concept of marriage, just the legal state of a civil union.

That’s one example, how about another?

How about religion? We can agree on the most basic of values that keep us free, but stop asking anything more to be made law over everyone. It is just asking for a fool’s war of theocracies. That includes includes Christianity, Islam, even Humanism, for all humanists often demand it’s not a religion. If it requires no faith to believe that some flawed humans can rule other flawed humans perfectly, then I’m a Canadian Rastafarian.

We can’t trust any sort of faith to rule with secular law, because faith is for the heart and the soul,and from out that belief your behavior in this world. If you faith says to love one another, do good to those who hurt you, love your god before you love anyone or anything else, then you should behave in such a way, and seek to impose that belief upon no one else, because people take none too kindly being forced to believe what you do, however much value you might see in it.

The key is, we should’t seek Government approval for our lifestyle. We shouldn’t seek anyone’s approval for our lifestyle. We need only that the government keeps out of our lifestyles. When the government approves of one, it will need to disapprove another. If it were to attempt to approve of all lifestyles, it would destroy its credibility. If I were to approve of all behavior, I would necessarily approve of pedophilia, murder, theft and vandalism. I can’t do that.

But whose system of “right and wrong” do I agree upon? Most agree upon the same things — don’t murder, don’t rape, don’t steal. Okay, while we agree on the main things, we differ on others. Islam bases some of its laws on directions from their Prophet Muhammad regarding how and what to eat, such as no pork, alcohol and in many cases, boys are considered more valuable than women. Christianity discourages sex outside of commitment, homosexuality and maltreatment of the poor and promotes management of personal monies. Mormons disagree with mind-altering substances such as caffeine and in their history promoted modern polygamy. Certain groups of humanists believe God doesn’t exist and promote human management of others’ affairs, eugenics (the managing of human races due to the belief some are superior to others), and communal ownership of property.

Instead of allowing one or the other to rule over others, we ought to find only that which everyone agrees with and make that federal law. Then, with everything else, allow communities comprised of a majority culture to rule itself as most of its citizens see fit.

Stop asking for a government approval like it’s yo daddy. It ain’t yo daddy. Stop asking anyone to rule everyone else, or to rule you. Rule yourself.

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