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God and Socialism – Pt 2 – History and Advantage

angola_poverty_resizedHistory Does Not Support Socialism for the Welfare of Human Beings

Socialism requires massive control of property by a central authority, the distribution of wealth and misery to those who have not earned it. There is no sustained growth or development under socialist governments, and the few who have not yet imploded in a self-eating frenzy have essentially stalled any major forward motion. Let’s look at a few examples.

Good (as can be good)

  • England (Not entirely socialist)
  • Norway
  • Sweden


  • USSR
  • Cuba
  • North Korea
  • China (which has become progressively less socialist in order to remain viable, but still have little respect for human life)

The USSR killed an estimated 100,000,000 people in its approximate 70-year course. North Korea has killed millions, China … those who lived there lived in abject misery, or were born so snowed that few could know any better than their public education had taught them.

Socialism is almost entirely humanist, dismissing God as a solution for mankind’s ills or even as a remedy for the condition of the human soul. To enforce socialism on others as a Christian goes against God’s support of freedom, and he calls individuals and nations to adhere, but does not authorize believers to control the behavior of nonbelievers by force.

Socialism is, by its very nature, slow and wasteful. It cannot adapt to changing circumstances. It discourages innovation, discourages entrepreneurship and promotes laziness among young people. Why work when someone else will do it for you? Why start your own business when you cannot own what you earn? Why innovate when the heavy bureaucratic process will destroy your ability to implement it efficiently?

socialism-liberals-democrats-capitalism-70453014762Look at the USSR, North Korea and other fully socialist countries – time halted. While the rest of the world advanced and the average quality of life continued to climb, they stopped moving. Poverty became rampant, starvation grew, and only the very few elite truly enjoyed any form of prosperity and freedom. Everyone else was stuck at the bottom together.

To Take Advantage

“Capitalism is all about taking advantage of people.”

I would agree, but taking advantage of a neighbor is not inherently evil.

For example, as a man, I would marry a woman so that she might bear me children and help me build a home and a life. The very definition of that kind of relationship is “taking advantage of.” I’m taking advantage of her upbringing, her faith, her personality, her body, her preferences. She, in turn, is taking advantage of my personality, body, passions, faith and income. We have for so long defined “taking advantage of” as a negative thing that we have long forgot that the very nature of existence is to take advantage of things around us. I take advantage of oxygen to run faster, water to sweat, roads to drive faster, my boss to make an income, my friends to feel less lonely, my parents for guidance, my physical stature to communicate confidence, my love to fill my heart, my God to fill my soul. I take advantage of these things.

Taking advantage of things is not evil. Capitalism grasps the simplest core idea that humans take advantage of themselves, others and assets to make life better. It encourages a free, responsible people to take advantage of each other in a beneficial way. For example, I have lots of timber on my property, but I need food. My neighbor grows food on his property, but he needs timber. We both take advantage of the other by trading property. As time has progressed, we ceased the barter of goods and instead use currency, such as dollars.


Debra here is taking advantage of this poor, defenseless tree.

To believe without reservation that taking advantage of assets is evil is to cling with blind faith that humans can be perfectly selfless all the days of their life. Socialism believes human nature can be controlled circumstantially – remove all need and humans will no longer desire to hurt or abuse each other.

We know this isn’t true, as spousal and personal abuse in socialist countries still exists.

Capitalism, instead, harnesses human nature and says: Humans take advantage for self-interested reasons. A man or woman will work for their own benefit, to raise children and care for spouses and have a nice home and enjoy a good income. They don’t do these things for others, but for themselves first, and then for others as a way of improving themselves.

You might argue that some have used freedom to hurt others, and I would agree. But better a few to abuse only a few others in a free society, than for a few to have the power over all and abuse all in an inescapable society.

Ultimately, capitalism attempts to use human nature to create positive exchange. By both parties taking advantage of each other, it’s using human nature to benefit everyone. It says: I must produce something of value in order to trade for something else of value. If I do not, I can have no expectation of someone else’s hard work. Therefore, capitalism promotes that all members work — socialism attempts to do so by inspiration, but it does not last long and soon few people put forth any real effort at work.

A system built on people doing the best for themselves by providing quality return to others will always promote a healthy economy and state.



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