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God and Socialism – Pt 3 – Freedom and Responsibility

capitalism_is_equality_of_freedom_bumper_sticker-rcf0624a55450449c90f1e5bc6aa3cbd4_v9wht_8byvr_324Freedom is Capitalism is Freedom

Capitalize (n.) Take the chance to gain advantage from.

Most people who would rather dismiss capitalism often credit those who have abused it at the unfair cost of someone else. What they have ignored is that human nature is all about taking advantage of what we have available – skills, assets, other people, etc. It is human nature to pursue something better, fueled by personal passions inside, and it needs freedom to pursue to reality the dreams of the heart.

Socialism encourages none of this. Its systemizations destroy the spirit of human innovation except in one field: War. Only in war do socialists strive with all creativity to control and contain all who are not socialist. Capitalism is like sunshine – people who do not have it want it. Socialism is like a disease, it is forced upon others due to a supposed moral standpoint that it is morally superior and therefore must trump the individual desire to be free.

Capitalism is not inherently evil. It does allow evil people to thrive, but not all who thrive are evil, and without freedom, none but evil may thrive. The evil will use a system designed to control others to their own benefit, and will work hardest to gain a seat in a system that has moralized control from the top down.

abc_execution3_080215_sshSocialism Sets the Government as the Highest Moral Authority

Governmental morality changes pragmatically, which means if it’s in their best interest that you die, you will die. There is no grand value of individual life in a socialist society, and their focus is that the means – however heinous – justify the ends, which are never as glorious as they say it will be for the cost.

When a government sets itself as its own highest morality, it will find a way to justify any action it desires, especially if you have what it wants, or threaten its morality and continuity. When you set yourself as your own highest morality, you spit at the need or promise of God. It becomes humanity’s best attempt at becoming God, forcibly equalizing a humanity made diverse and removing the circumstances of discomfort by destroying anyone’s ability to climb higher than anyone else, and removing measures of difference.

Instead of offering hope to the poor to watch some of their own make it to a level of prosperity, everyone is instead told the best that can be done is what has already been accomplished, and that to do greater is evil.

It is the stagnation of progress under the moral guise that to be unequal is to be morally bankrupt. God made man and woman equal in his sight, but not to ours. We are to love each other with the same love God has for us, but I am tall, you might be short, some are thick, others are thin, some are strong, some are weak, some are brilliant, others are stupid — and this is how God made us to be. To force an equality which does not exist is to doubt the value of our inequal differences and the potential gain we can have by embracing how each of us is different.

Socialism hates difference.

God Expects Individual Excellence, Does Not Distribute Costs of Failure

Matthew 25:14-30 – Parable of the Talents

eGp1bXFvMTI=_o_jesus-christ-and-the-parable-of-the-talentsJesus once told a story of a wealthy lord who was going on a trip and gathered his three servants, giving them equal measures of talents (gold). He gave one five talents, the other two and the third one — each according to his ability. He left on the trip. When he returned, he was pleased to discover the first servant had turned his five talents into ten. The second turned two into four. But the third, however, had buried his talents in the ground for fear of his master’s wrath should he have lost the sum.

The lord was not only infuriated at the third’s servant lack of personal engagement in their abilities, but he took the one talent from the lazy servant and gave it to the one who had ten.

Under socialism, those who strive and produce are punished in various ways — their production is taken from them, they are discouraged from working harder, or they are outright punished for making others look bad.

Under capitalism, those who strive to maximize their individual skills will be rewarded. Those who squander it out of fear or concern will be taken from and left with nothing. That sounds cold and heartless, but we are all given an equal opportunity to strive for realization of the best our skills can produce. Squandering our blessings is a sin.

Under socialism, those who do not maximize themselves are rewarded with everyone else’s blessings.



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