Like Most People, My Opinion Doesn’t Really Matter

I’m not a fan of beauty pageants. You have these statuesque women giving politically correct answers to softball questions, parading in bikinis and formal gown and all hoping to wear a crown with no authority and only the responsibility to “act like a lady.”

To be sure, I value women that people would be considered lady-like. I find that a woman with class is far more attractive than a woman without it. And many people would contend that beauty pageants create great role models for young women.

We’d probably both be right and wrong, each in our own way based on individual experiences.

Had I the absolute authority to do away with it, I would definitely consider it. I just think it’s outdated for today’s society, and as traditional as I am, I still think it’s silly.


Thinking about all this reminds me that this country enjoys a cornucopia of cultures. We’re all very different from each other, with different needs and different likes. We have different value sets and criteria for judgement. We believe differently, love differently, live differently.

I can think beauty pageants are very silly. (It’ll be my luck I’ll end up marrying a former beauty queen, and that IS me being sardonic.) However, what I think … doesn’t matter. Short of abuse occurring in beauty pageants (which has and does occur, and which occurs in EVERY industry, community and culture on the planet, so that doesn’t really make it special), no one has any right to say diddly squat about it in any meaningful way.

We’re all free to enjoy our opinions, off course, and share them till the cows come home to Motel 6, we live in a free country.

What in your life do you often say: “There shouldn’t be ____.” or “No one should be allowed to ____.” ? I know there are some people out there who believe sports like football and rugby should be outlawed because they “promote violence.” People like Al Gore would have the world get rid of automobiles. Everyone has their own idea — and usually their own justification — for why we should/should not allow something to occur in these United States.

And they’re all opinions. Which means, they don’t matter. Even this post is ironic in that I’m expressing my opinion about how my opinion doesn’t really matter.

The second however.

Opinions, exercised well, can help you think about your own. While there is certainly a deficit of well-written opinions in this world, those you can find can help you question your own viewpoints. Even if you decide to stand firm on your original beliefs, it should be because you understand them and can defend them to yourself, as well as to other people.

So when you do gain an opinion on something, please think twice before saying some activity or hobby or even industry shouldn’t exist simply because you think it’s silly. Even if you call it damaging, unless it’s directly oppressing people who have no ability to leave it (such as the sex trade), temper how you approach other people’s passions.

Because the moment you use the community to force out someone’s culture, you give it the same ability to force out your own.

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