Christian Michael


I’m a thinker, a writer, opinionist, speaker, singer and doer. Sometimes in that order. I’m unafraid to speak my mind and am rarely without an opinion. It does not mean, however, I do not know how to keep my mouth shut when the time is most appropriate. I just don’t find those appropriate times common visitors to my life. I would rather speak, be heard, be considered, to incite the mind and the passions of persuasion. I want to make you think. You might not think as I do, or agree with my logic, but I will not let you get away without considering at least why you believe what you do. To refine yourself, conduct your beliefs, choose your place and stand in it! And if I inspire a new thought, a change of heart, let it be more than a feeling, but a better understanding of a truth and situation because you see as I see, and if you think I see wrong, say so, and let us be clean with our words.


I’m prepared to be wrong, but only if proven. I believe I am right until I am proven otherwise. Why would you ever doubt to speak your beliefs for fear of being proven wrong? If you are not sure of them, prove them to yourself! Trust me when I say there is no better way of such refinement than to put them afield and test them to the flame.

I am unafraid to say that I believe what I know is right. That means I’m unafraid to be proven wrong. I am also willing to listen to every argument and, if I must change my mind, I will. Better to be right than right.

I can be caustic, blunt and open. The point of my posts is to hopefully put a sharp blade of truth by which others can learn from what I see. I’m a communicator, and I believe we all learn better by putting out those lessons of our lives. It may not touch every life, but I hope it will reach some, and if truth I’m blessed to find can help someone else, I will hold little back in sharing it.


There will be an exception to every point I make, for the very simple reason that nothing in this life is one-sided. That’s why we have three-dimensions, because not only are there two sides to every coin, but there is depth and the relief of its carving appears differently based on perspective, but at no point does it cease to be a coin.


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9 thoughts on “Christian Michael

  1. HI! Loved your writing style. It challenged me to think. You are a very open ended thinker. Not sure what to do with that but its interesting. I liked what you had to say on your “about me” page. I will check back in. Annie Nelson

    • Thank you, Annie! I love to think about things; generally a very introspective person. Thank you very much for taking the time to comment. I’m always up for feedback or questions. Thanks again and may God keep you!

  2. Christian! How I miss you 🙂 I love reading your blog…why it’s like being back in our very own little corner of the world with you stopping in to “Chat”. I wish I could share your blog on my page but there is not a choice. 😦 Take care my friend. Lori

  3. ok, your blog sucks. now that you have my opinion, will you get back here and hit up some boardinghouse and emilio’s with me? nobody ever wants to go!

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