Christian posts here links to articles, columns and videos from around the internet that either support his standpoints or that he finds thought-provoking.


Life is nothing if only for ourselves. In today’s world of short-sighted humanism, people embrace the concept that we are both the beginning, middle and end of our own lives. I believe there is more, and I have chosen based on the yearnings of my heart a faith in the powerful beings of the Bible, the truth of the power of love and redemption from the dark holes we call our lives. Life is not bleak in its own context, but in the choice between God and not-God, an eternity with our creator is the only path to heaven and forever.


I believe in the value of the individual man. I believe each man is capable of managing his own destiny, regardless of where circumstances birth him. Each man must do the best with what he or she has and can force no other man or woman to offer their help or their money. Instead, I believe in the generosity of free people, that the poor are best taken cared of when they are most free to fall into and climb out of their poverty, capable only by a free market and deregulated economy. I believe that any life above farming is a luxury and that government has no right to secure our quality of life, only to protect our freedoms to secure our own. Ultimately, I believe in voluntarism, and that while Jesus tells us to help each other and the poor, I believe it’s a personal mandate for believers. We cannot force other people to a culture or lifestyle in which they disagree to satisfy our own faithful requirements.


Because of my politics, I believe taxes are theft, and that our military should only be funded by those who do not want to fight, themselves. In a society full of people holding their own guns and a free market promoting the high growth of industrialization and technology, no country could ever invade us, and would have the least need to do so, as our own nation would occupy only home soil or soil purchased legally by individual property owners. All that said, we are not there, today, and cannot get there in my lifetime. I promote mostly that people do not infringe further on my rights than has already been committed. I want to find more freedom for myself and my fellow citizens through education and a renewing of the concept that your life is sacred and your responsibility, no one else’s. I will help people in need, but I will not advocate the theft from some for the benefit of others.

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