The Fair Tax




Farming without subsidies? Some lessons from New Zealand
Life After Subsidies: So what happened to subsidies in New Zealand?
Ten Reasons to Cut Farm Subsidies
Food Subsidy Report – Cato Institute



Ancient Rome

Are We Going the Way of Rome?
Most people who cherish freedom oppose the welfare state for moral, philosophical, spiritual and economic reasons. We would do well to add another reason: the lessons of history! As we work to restore and preserve those ideas and institutions which made our nation both free and great, let’s keep these lessons in mind.

 Great Depression

FDR’s policies prolonged Depression by 7 years, UCLA economists calculate
Government intervention in economics only makes things worse. We’re told by schools and government economists that they help people, and that controlling the market is the only way to help people. This study beautifully illustrates how that is anything but true.

How Government Prolonged the Depression (WSJ)
The Great Depression According to Milton Friedman: The Great Depression Could Have Been Avoided if the Fed Had Not So Badly Botched Its Monetary Policy
The Great Depression as Regulatory Failure

Regulations & Licensing

Minimum Wage

Law Enforcement

Monopolies / Trust Busting

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