Last Battle: Dusk of Xanthar

UPDATE 130413: This book will be rewritten as three volumes. 

Working titles:

The Last Battle Trilogy:
1) Dawn of Markle
2) Day of Man
3) Dusk of Xanthar

More to come!


Markle Tanner does not remember how he got here.

He has lost his clothes, gained a physique much older than he remembers and now sits alone in a field of white marble dust.

From every direction, a hundred thousand men in bloodied armor run toward him, crying out to him by a name he’s never heard, brandishing swords in their firsts and smiles of victory on their faces.

At first they’re unsure it’s him, but when the gifted one verifies his scar and tattoo, their roar of celebration is unlike anything he’s every heard. It’s him. He’s alive. And when they realize he doesn’t remember, they tell him.

He’s their king. He’s the Chosen One.

And he just defeated the Shadow God in humanity’s prophesied last battle.

       But who is Xanthar de Raisa?





NOTE: Christian Michael published this novel under the penname “Johnathan Cross.” He has stopped using this alias and will now release all books under his own name.

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