Legend of the Pan

My name is Peter, and I am the One.

I am the fulcrum of good versus evil, the turning point of an endless war that’s been raging since the beginning of time, a time created long before your world was ever conceived.

You’ve heard of me, but what you think you know is only legend. The truth is far more dangerous.

This is no bedtime story, and don’t tell your children of me. The tale within follows blood, follows death, follows evil men bent on sadistic domination.

I am all that stands between them and victory, between tyranny and freedom. I am the center point for the soul of creation.

I am the Pan.


The Legend of the Pan is an upcoming series of a timeless children’s tale not meant for children. Reborn as a complex revision of J.M. Barrie’s original tale of a boy who would not grow up because he did not want to grow up, the seven book series will follow Peter as the first child Pan in thousands of years, thrust in the middle of an ancient war between those who would rule all and those would be ruled by none. The relationships and conflicts Peter encounters will define not only his life on Neverland, but the world he came from, the first world, the world where fabled Eden is rumored to have existed, where there still exists elves and dwarves, dragons and demons, Pans and portent.

The source of magic and the secret history that existed before our world was ever linked by the Breaking, an event that would eventually cascade into a series of inescapable events endurable only by the greatest Pan who ever lived: Peter Baley.


Legend of the Pan

  • Advent Exodus (Drafted) – Proj 2020
  • Peter (Drafted) – Proj 2017
  • Wendy (Drafted) – Proj 2018
  • Tinker Belle (Drafted) – Proj 2019
  • Tiger Lily (Planning) – Proj 2020
  • Hook (Planning) – Proj 2021
  • Renovatio (Planning) – Proj 2021

As each book is being finalized and published, the first chapter of each will be available on their respective pages.

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